More Information

Below is a list of reference web pages that will give you more information about this business. If you are really serious about creating more cash flow, and having a lot of fun while doing it, then you need to visit every link to educate yourself on what we have been doing for over a decade with this company.

Business Overview. This 14-minute video will give you a general overview of the company, products, and business plan.

Making A Residual Income. This under 12-minute video is extremely important if your goal is to build a retirement worthy residual income. The video is called Four Years to Wealth. If you follow the system we have created, in 48 months you have the opportunity to be making a considerable income.

Company Tour. Join the CEO on a tour of the manufacturing part of the company. This will show you that our products are American made, with some of the features being hand-carved and hand-painted. Product quality is a top priority here!

Company Website Main Page. From this page you can navigate around our entire company website. When you join you will get a website just like this. Note that customers can shop online at your website! They shop, you get paid! There are flat shipping rates for all customer orders, no matter how large the order! It's $5.95 for anywhere in the 48 states; $9.95 for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. posessions. That's a really great deal!

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Different Ways To Get Started

Retail Customer. this is easy. Buy from us directly or at our online store. You will get a very affordable price and shipping is only one flat rate, no matter how large the order, is $5.95 for mainland US and $9.95 in HI, AK, and Canada.

Loyal Customer Program. This goes by the name Associate, but basically this program gives you a great discount on all products. You get a back office and place orders directly from the company.

Wholesale Customer & Business. If you want the lowest price possible, or you want to make some money sharing these incredible products with others, this is the program for you. When you contact us we will be happy to go over how this program works.

The Bottom Line 

If you are open to different ways to make money, click on the link below to learn more about this business. We have been with this company since 2001, and it has given us the freedom and lifestyle we dreamed of. Now we are ready to show you what we did to become free. If you are ready to make some changes, click the link below now.

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