Work From Home For Fun & Profit

What Does It Take to Have a Successful Home Business?

                      Have a successful high demand unique product

                      Offer a product that is price competitive

                      Point-of-sale profit and residual income potential

                      A business model that is simple to duplicate

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Why Own A Home Business?

When you work for someone else you are fulfilling THEIR dream, not yours. We would like to show you a very simple business that uses a very unique yet simple product, to give you a way to live your dream lifestyle.

We have been with this company since they opened for business in 2001. We stay because we have very loyal customers for our products. We stay because this is a simple business that anyone can learn to do. It takes a small investment, like any business, but it doesnt take long to start making money from both the retail and residual income parts of this business. We stay because this business is fun. . . . . and profitable!

What Are the Products. . . . and How Do I Get Involved?

The Products. We offer gourmet vegetable wax candles and bath products. For an overview of the products go to our shopping page. There are liinks on that page to our company website for complete information on the products we offer. No other company offers the kind of quality products that we offer. For example, how many companies offer hand-carved, hand-painted vegetable wax candles that have gourmet quality fragrances? And do so at an affordable price? No one! And that’s why we are so successful.

The Business. For an overview of the business go to our Information page. The level of success you attain can vary, depending on your effort and willingness to learn. This is a simple business, with unique in-demand produts, offered through a no-pressure business system that has already proven to create big incomes. For us personally, this business has made it possible for us to live our dream lifestyle on the Big Island in Hawaii, right near the ocean.

Take Action Now to Change Your Future

Read the information on the links provided on this website, then take the next logical step - contact us to find out if this business is a good match for you. Our company sells millions of dollars in product. We and others are successful. The company has been in business since 2001. This proves this business works. the only remaining question is if it will work for you! Contact us right now so you can get that question answered!

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We look forward to working with you!